Holiday Gift Guide: Our Favorite Things for 2020!

Okay we know this year has been ~interesting~ to say the least, which is why we believe it’s even MORE important to shower yourself and your loved ones with some special prizes for surviving this mayhem. Therefore, in order to make your shopping list easier this year, we’ve put together a list of our favorite things for the 2020 holiday season! And this year is PARTICULARLY special, because every single item on this list Blush coaches have 1) tried themselves and 2) are from female-owned businesses.


So, if you’re looking for holiday gift ideas or just a little self-care inspiration, let’s get started.

Tate + Zoey Enneagram Wine Glass

I mean, can we talk about how cute this wine glass is.

FIRST OF ALL, Blush is obsessed with the Enneagram. In fact, for our virtual retreat, we EACH received one of these glasses with our Enneagram type. They even come with a special cocktail recipe perfect for each type. Watching each coach open up her glass to find her special Enneagram type showcased…there are no words. They each about flipped.

We love these not only because of the happy color, and the adorable catch phrases, but also because these babies are DURABLE. They are perfect for summer days by the pool or cold nights sitting around a campfire.

If you’d like to purchase one for the holidays, we strongly recommend jumping on it! They are on sale as we speak, so you could get one of these for yourself and your friends for just barely over $10 each!

On another note – Blush happens to love Tate and Zoey not just for these wine glasses – but as a whole. The company is run by women, showcases female products, and elevates women through continuing education and workshops. When we first met the team to discuss a collaboration for a workshop, I was floored at how much I IMMEDIATELY loved these people. They are warm, caring, and genuine.

I mean, this was obviously a match made in heaven.

So if you’re interested in sticking to female-owned businesses for this holiday season, go give them a look!

Rustic Rose Candles

Did you know that out of all of the household items you have in your living quarters, candles are probably the most toxic thing you own?

Turns out, candles are made with many, many, MANY harsh chemicals.

I did not know this.

So when I found this out, I was so friggin annoyed. Candles?!?! Now I have to give up my candles?!?! THE ONE THING DURING THE DARK WINTERS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY!!?!?!?

That’s why we are obsessed with Rustic Rose Candles. Nicki, the owner, makes her candles with soy (toxic-free) and essential oils. She made us some unique “Blush You” candles for our virtual retreat (pictured above), and not only are they adorable (…they come with quotes underneath the lid!!!!) but they smell fantastic. I immediately ordered her pumpkin spice scented sku so I could have a couple by Daylight Savings time, because we all know I NEED MY CANDLES.

I am so relieved I can keep burning my candles and not worry that I’m silently killing myself or my cats. Nicki, you the real MVP. Can’t wait to share with my friends and family!

Très Soft Skincare

Let’s continue on this all-natural journey, shall we?!

I am sure most of you know that makeup/skincare is a hotbed for toxic chemicals. What you put on your face and your skin everyday has an affect on our overall health, which is why we are proud to partner with Très Soft Skincare. This is a newer skincare line that uses all natural ingredients.

Blush coaches are obsessed with Jennifer’s “Morrocan” Honey Hands + Feet Pomade. It’s made with Shea + Avocado Oil (sold) and a blend of essential oils to keep hands and feet super soft. It’s perfect for preventing dry skin during the holiday season. We preach self-care early and often – and this is a very inexpensive way to treat yourself and your skin to a comfy night in.

Plus, Blush is obsessed with supporting budding female entrepreneurs. We all have to start somewhere – and Jennifer is just *going* for it. Brava to her, and we hope you enjoy her skincare products as much as we do!

Conquering Your Quarter Life Crisis

Yep. Don’t care. I am telling you that my book is awesome. It’s fun and filled with advice and challenges you to embrace yourself and your choices. Overall – it helps you get “unstuck.”

Thought Catalog did an amazing job publishing the book and even graciously sent a copy to every single coach on the Blush team. It was so sweet.

Here’s what one Amazon customer wrote (it’s so fun not knowing these people and they are taking the time to REVIEW IT like what is life) –

“Such a great book for someone who needs a reality check! Very straight forward, funny, easy to ready, and well written. Don’t let the “20’s” part on the cover keep you from buying. It’s great for someone embarking on their 30’s also. I started reading this book and couldn’t put it down all day! Thank you!”

There you have it, folks. The book you need to get out of your rut, or maybe the book your loved one needs to move forward.

Don’t forget to download our e-book Breakups: The Confident Woman’s Guide to Moving On and Being Single!

Blush Masks + Sweatshirts

Yes, we went for it. We finally took the plunge and made our own swag.

Pictured is an adorable white mask and a comfy black sweatshirt that we designed ourselves (and of course, asked a female-owned business to create for us!)

While we don’t have these available online (yet) – we are going to be doing a series of “giveaways” through our Instagram handle @joinblush. We may also throw in a book or two…❤️

If you are interested in receiving one of these amazing gifts, be sure to follow us! And if you are interested in purchasing yourself, make sure to let us know by dropping us a line at

Happy holiday shopping, everyone!

Stay safe, stay healthy, and remember to CELEBRATE yourself and your loved ones for surviving such a trainwreck of a year!


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